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Every day, Basta brings the best natural goat milk and milk products to your kitchen. Basta milk is made from happy and healthy Beetal goats and is completely clean, green, and ethical. Our vision is to bring India's ancient wisdom of goat milk benefits to the modern day. Traditionally, Indian village households kept a few goats, and their milk was consumed by babies to help them develop strong immunity during their childhood. Ayurveda has documented the benefits of goat milk for recuperation, and it is a key ingredient in many medications. At the same time, we want to bring artisanal goat milk products to India as an organized and modern enterprise to cater to the palate of the globetrotting Indian. Our recipes and the quality of our Feta and Chèvre cheese are superior. Our goal is to provide local farmers with a sustainable source of additional income through goat farming. We have established an ideal goat farm about an hour away from Bengaluru, where we train our partner farmers in all the best practices for goat farming. We provide them with specially researched goat feed, medicines, and technological know-how, as well as milk. We work closely with the farmers at every stage to ensure that the hygiene and nutritional value of the milk is maintained.

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