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Farmstead Pasteurized Goat’s milk

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Basta Farmstead goat’s milk contains high minerals, essential amino acids, calcium, and fatty acids but low in cholesterol and vitamin.

The Health benefits of Basta Farmstead Goat’s Milk is Boost the immune system, Increases Milk Quality in breastfeeding mothers, boost metabolism rate, It’s easier to digest, prevents heart attacks and coronary complications, helps to reduce blood pressure, Assists in Weight loss and also protects against dangerous effects of climate change.

Energy                86.08 Kcalc
Protein                4.25g
FAT Total             3.56g
Carbohydrate      2.51g
Added Sugar       0g
Iron                      6.00 ppm

Shelf life               3 days from packing.
Net Wt                 500 ml

Temp sensitivity (0C To 4C)

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3 reviews for Basta Goat Milk 500 ML

  1. Ranganath M

    Good place to buy Goat milk in Bangalore.

  2. Ashish Kumar

    Good Product

  3. madhvi agarwal

    This milk is amazing. I always end up making a lot of halloumi and feta cheese using it. Thank you so much for such an incredible service. Although I wanted to know if we can subscribe to your 500 ml bottle directly instead of BigBasket? They have stopped the supple of 500 ml bottle.

    Also do let me know how we can return the bottles.

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More about Basta Goat Chevre Cheese Bangalore

Are you confused about what exactly is Goat Chevre Cheese Bangalore available at Basta? It can be called a unique blend of tang and aroma that our team creates with the help of many different subtle variations. They are derived from the fatty acids residing in the Goat milk using a special process at our farmhouse. If you ask us, then we will say that the fresh is the most convincing word to describe the chevre that available at Basta! We love modifying the ancient Greeks recipe, and this product is a classic example of our results. 

Sourcing from pure goat milk, our expert team follows the old recipe along with adding their set of techniques for creating an eating product that you will love to have. Enjoy our chevre cheese on toast with tasty peppers, or you can think about using them on the pasta. The choices are endless for people who have goat cheese Bangalore in their kitchen.

Basta Goat Chevre cheese Nutrition Facts (per 100 g)

Calories 292
Protein 14.22g
Fat 24.52g
Carbs 3.52g
Sugar 0
Sodium 0.4g
Iron 32.3ppm
Cholesterol 0

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Instructions to use

  • The shelf life of chevre cheese available at Basta is 45 days from the day of packaging. Avoid eating after expiring of this date. 
  • Store the cheese in a cool and dry place away from sunlight
  • Consume within seven days after opening the packet

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How to Buy Goat Chevre Cheese In Bangalore from Basta?
It is simple, You can fillup the details in the above form or call us on the numbers mentioned and tell us your requirements. We will get Goat Chevre Cheese Delivered at your doorstep at reasonable rates. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should you shop Basta’s goat chevre Bangalore?

There is a pretty unique fatty acid profile held by goat milk available at Basta using which chevre is created. It is crafted in a purely hygienic process where purity is the utmost priority of our team. Unlike others, we are here for making long-term customers, and that’s why you will see us never compromising with the quality.

Many times the kids never like to eat traditional breakfast due to its boring taste. However, adding our chevre in their morning diet won’t only increase their interest in eating, but also keep them full for a long time along with providing essential nutrients. The same goes for adults who often get late in the morning due to the fast paced life of Bangalore and skips breakfast. It can be a solid option to start the day in a hurry without compromising with health. 


Which is the best way to serve goat chevre?

There is a great variety of methods for eating chevre. One can think about them into slices and then tossing it into the salad for better serve. Along with that, it can put onto bread for having a quicker and tastier breakfast.


How can one find your chevre has gone bad?

Another typical query that people have is how to sense a spoiled or bad goat chevre cheese? If there is a smell and mold appearance developed on the cheese, then it is likely not adequate to eat. Never eat it after seven days of opening the package. Please avoid eating spoiled or bad chevre as it can result in upsetting stomach or even creating worse conditions. 

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Where to Buy

You can buy Basta Goat Milk Products in Bangalore by Calling us 6364740404.