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Farmstead Pasteurized Goat’s milk

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Basta Farmstead goat’s milk contains high minerals, essential amino acids, calcium, and fatty acids but low in cholesterol and vitamin.

The Health benefits of Basta Farmstead Goat’s Milk is Boost the immune system, Increases Milk Quality in breastfeeding mothers, boost metabolism rate, It’s easier to digest, prevents heart attacks and coronary complications, helps to reduce blood pressure, Assists in Weight loss and also protects against dangerous effects of climate change.

Energy                86.08 Kcalc
Protein                4.25g
FAT Total             3.56g
Carbohydrate      2.51g
Added Sugar       0g
Iron                      6.00 ppm

Shelf life               3 days from packing.
Net Wt                 500 ml

Temp sensitivity (0C To 4C)

  1. Free home delivery for subscribers.
  2. Every alternate day delivery to your door.
  3. We will collect back the bottles and help reduce thrash 🙂

3 reviews for Basta Goat Milk 500 ML

  1. Ranganath M

    Good place to buy Goat milk in Bangalore.

  2. Ashish Kumar

    Good Product

  3. madhvi agarwal

    This milk is amazing. I always end up making a lot of halloumi and feta cheese using it. Thank you so much for such an incredible service. Although I wanted to know if we can subscribe to your 500 ml bottle directly instead of BigBasket? They have stopped the supple of 500 ml bottle.

    Also do let me know how we can return the bottles.

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More about Basta Goat Feta

Our goat feta Bangalore is a huge hit among youngsters due to its excellent taste. It is developed at our farm using 100% goat milk and considered as an incredible alternative to the conventional mozzarella. Slicing it in the sandwich will be a classy option for breakfast. There is a new touch of milk flavor added for adding a unique taste. 

If you are one of those people who prefer having a lactose-free diet, then add this product straight up in your diet. Don’t miss out a chance to add a nutritious thing in your diet. Order this Goat Feta online Bangalore now! Since the foundation of this platform, our team is perfecting our products continuously modern techniques. Add it in your diet if you are wanted to stay healthy as a Greek.

Nutrition Value (per 100g)

Calories 294 Kcals
Protein 14.45 g
Fat 24.5g
Carbs 3.96g
Sugar 0g
Sodium 1.62g
Iron 72.5 ppm

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Instructions to use
The shelf life of this feta is 60 days from the day of packaging. Never eat feta that goes beyond this date.
Always keep the product in a dry and cool place that is away from direct sunlight
Consume within 7 days after opening the package
Please keep it in refrigeration between 2 & 4 degree Celsius once the package gets open

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How to Buy Goat Feta In Bangalore from Basta?
It is simple, You can fillup the details in the above form or call us on the numbers mentioned and tell us your requirements. We will get Goat Feta Delivered at your doorstep at reasonable rates. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should you shop Goat feta from Basta?

There is a very hygienic process chosen by our professionals that make sure the buyers get 100% authentic feta in their home. You are free to order this product for delivery across the various parts of Bangalore. A completely fresh range of feta cheese is waiting at Basta to give a boost to your diet. You can also shop our products from Doodhwala in case you find it more convenient. 


Is it a good option to eat Goat feta?

There is a soft and creamy flavor added in our Feta. For those who are fully unaware, goat feta is a brined and white cheese that has pretty low calories and fat when compared with traditional cheese. Additionally, it is a very healthy source of B vitamins and calcium. 

Is Goat Feta Bangalore hard to digest?

There is 100% goat milk used for creating feta without any need for aging. Goat feta is quite soft and digests quite easily in the stomach. If you have issues with normal cheese, then this one can be a very good option to choose. 

Is it ideal for a diabetic patient to eat cheese Feta?

It is a brilliant option to add as long as the patient keeps their calorie in control. Individuals with type 2 diabetes need to control a variety of nutrients that also include cholesterol, fat and sugar. It means they are good to eat feta by keeping calories in proper control. 

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You can buy Basta Goat Milk Products in Bangalore by Calling us 6364740404.