Basta Goat Milk 500 ML With Subscription Of 8 Ltr/Month

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Farmstead Pasteurized Goat’s milk

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Basta Farmstead goat’s milk contains high minerals, essential amino acids, calcium, and fatty acids but low in cholesterol and vitamin.

The Health benefits of Basta Farmstead Goat’s Milk is Boost the immune system, Increases Milk Quality in breastfeeding mothers, boost metabolism rate, It’s easier to digest, prevents heart attacks and coronary complications, helps to reduce blood pressure, Assists in Weight loss and also protects against dangerous effects of climate change.

Energy                86.08 Kcalc
Protein                4.25g
FAT Total             3.56g
Carbohydrate      2.51g
Added Sugar       0g
Iron                      6.00 ppm

Shelf life               3 days from packing.
Net Wt                 500 ml

Temp sensitivity (0C To 4C)

  1. Free home delivery for subscribers.
  2. Every alternate day delivery to your door.
  3. We will collect back the bottles and help reduce thrash 🙂

2 reviews for Basta Goat Milk 500 ML With Subscription Of 8 Ltr/Month

  1. Vini Thambi

    Very good quality and very helpful cordial team. Always helping with timely deliveries. My 10 year son has been having goat milk from 1.5 years and my baby loves the yoghurt.

  2. Nandini Vinay

    I have been using Basta goat milk for more than 3 years, consuming it daily I observed that it has main positive effect on digestivity. Prevents from cold and cough, and another main benefit is it helps reduce knee pain, back pain and other bone related issues. I would recommend 1 time consumption of goat milk in a day helps us in so many health benefits.

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You can buy Basta Goat Milk Products in Bangalore by Calling us 6364740404.